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Grief Reiki Classes

Reiki Level I for Grievers Certification

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Beginning in 2017, Grief Reiki® LLC will offer a Reiki Level I for Grievers Certification. In this one day class, you will how learn to heal yourself specifically while you are grieving. The primary focus is on self-healing. This class combines education, demonstration, and practice sessions so you can feel confident as you develop your Reiki skills.

Length: 7 Hours (One Day)

Prerequisites: None. Reiki Level I for Grievers is open to anyone but was specifically designed if you are grieving and are interested in learning more about Reiki for self-healing.

Materials: “Reiki the Healing Touch – First Degree” by William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training, handouts and certificate.

How Reiki Helps With Grief

Reiki is is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is given by the “laying of hands” that has been practiced for thousands of years. In fact, the basis for modern-day Reiki may have started in Tibet more than 2,500 years ago. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words. The word “Rei” means higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness.  The word “Ki” means life energy.  Life energy plays an important role in everything we do. Reiki harnesses that life energy to promote healing, relaxation and a sense of calm.

Grief affects you physically, so it’s important to understand what is happening and why. A body needs energy to be healthy. Energy from food, energy from exercise and energy from being outside in nature. Grief however is an energy-depleting emotion. When the energy paths of the body are blocked or disturbed, the result can be illness, weakness, and pain. You begin to feel awful. If you don’t do anything to replenish the energy being removed from your body, over time you feel worse and worse. Reiki balances and strengthens the flow of energy within the body, which may decrease pain, ease muscle tension, improve sleep, and generally enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki activates or enhances your natural healing processes. It also provides you with physical, emotional and spiritual benefits by balancing your energy.  This is why it is so helpful to practice self-Reiki when you are grieving.

Class Agenda

In this class you will learn:

– Grief and Loss Basics

– Three Components of Grief

– What to Expect When You Are Grieving

– How Grief Affects the Body

– What is Reiki

– History of Reiki

– Reiki Elements

– Reiki Training

– Reiki Benefits

– How Reiki Helps When You Are Grieving

– How to Conduct Self-Reiki

– Energy Basics

– Japanese or Traditional Reiki Techniques

– Western or Modern Reiki Non-Traditional Techniques

How to Register/Schedule

Go to: Grief Reiki Online Scheduling Tool

Pick an course option and complete one of our online Client Forms.

We accept payments through PayPal.

For other payment options, please call our office at (800) 458-7348.

All classes/sessions are held in our facility located at:

“The Edge”, 877 N. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245

There is plenty of free parking.

Once you register/schedule, you will receive a confirmation email with more details.

We look forward to having you join us!


Sending you love, comfort and peace!


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Grief Reiki Classes

Grief Reiki® Circles

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Grief Reiki® Circles provide an integrated approach to grief and loss using Reiki and other spirituality-based techniques.

They offer an alternative to the traditional Grief Support Group.

Sessions are informal so comfortable clothing is suggested.


All are welcome but Grief Reiki® Circles are especially for those who are grieving a loss of any kind and those interested in learning more about Reiki.

No previous Reiki experience is needed to attend.


Receiving Reiki when we are grieving helps us to take better care of ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally. It’s not a coincidence that the symptoms associated with grieving and the benefits of Reiki almost match each other one-for-one. Reiki energy knows right where to go to balance and heal.

Receiving Reiki when we are grieving helps us to take better care of ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally. Being physically balanced and more relaxed when we are grieving helps us to find a sense of calm. It helps us to think more clearly. It helps us sleep better.

Reiki doesn’t magically take the sadness associated with grief away, but it does make it easier for us to deal with grief’s ups and downs. Having a sense of calm and balance helps to give us the courage and stamina we need to tackle our journey through grief.


Topics will vary by Circle and include:

-What To Expect When You Are Grieving

-Reiki Basics


-Self-Care, etc.


$20 per Circle



Sending you love, comfort and peace!


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What is “Grief Reiki®?

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So why start a company called Grief Reiki®? This is VERY different than what I have been doing for the last 30 years so why even make a change? When I told a few people that I what I was planning to do, someone told me focusing on grief sounded depressing.  Maybe it does but how many of us haven’t had a grief event in our lives? Just about EVERYBODY. And how well did we deal with that grief?  From personal experience I’d say NOT VERY WELL. It seems that no one wants to address it, talk about it or be around someone who is grieving. It’s ok, most of us would admit we’ve all done it. You see someone at work who just lost their husband so, because you don’t know what to say, you take the long way back to your office to avoid that person. It’s not that we don’t want to help a griever, we just don’t know how.

After the suicides of two of my close friends, it baffled me how many people either avoided me or didn’t want to talk to me. Some people even referred to one of the suicides as “the event” because they couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that someone would take their own life. Well quite frankly I couldn’t either.  I wanted to talk about it to try and make sense of it all but it seemed like it was “never the right time” to bring it up with people.  Why inflict my difficulties on them. Isn’t that what society teaches us? Don’t burden others. Keep it to yourself. So I took a deep breath and tried to work through the grief on my own.  Once the fog cleared and I really thought about it, it seemed like “not wanting to talk about it” was the same response you get for other loss events like  divorce, miscarriage, death of a pet, etc. People are truly sorry you are dealing with the loss but no one really knows what to do or say. Seemed to me like there had to be a better way.

As for Reiki, I had no idea what the heck it was anyway? Sounded like some New Age mumbo jumbo. Not my thing. But since the universe has a way of bringing something to us when we need it most, l stumbled upon it quite unexpectedly. I saw a business card on the bulletin board at a local coffee shop with an angel on it. On the card it said  STRESS MANAGEMENT. Something inside me said to take card and call the number. I was going thru a stressful time at work and wanted to find a way to relax/decompress so I thought I had nothing to lose if I made an appointment. Stress management and relaxation was exactly what I needed. And that’s what I got at my first appointment – relaxation and peace. I felt wonderful. Once I moved back to CA, I decided to learn more and take a few classes. I learned how to practice Reiki on myself (to keep myself “relaxed and peaceful” at work) and eventually I learned how to help others. I became a Reiki Master in 2010. I was drawn to Reiki because it gave me a sense of peace through some difficult and stressful times in my life.

After all this, it finally seemed to me that taking a multidimensional approach to grief could help others. Besides, who doesn’t want to feel better? Who doesn’t want to address their unresolved grief and finally move on? Who doesn’t want to feel relaxed and relieved of stress (whether or not it is caused by grief)? The intent for Grief Reiki, LCC is to provide a positive place for people to recover and heal both emotionally and spiritually.

And that is how Grief Reiki, LLC was born.


Sending you love, comfort and peace!



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