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Power of Love Radio Show (8/31/16)

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This week I was very honored and privileged to have been invited by the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF) to appear on their Power of Love Radio Show to talk about grief and loss. The Power of Love Radio Show, broadcast on LA Talk Radio, shines a light on loss and grief and how it impacts our lives. It provides hope, resources and a community so no one feels alone in their grief.

Listen to the 8/31/16 radio broadcast archive here.


DDJF was founded by three brothers, Taj, Taryll, and TJ Jackson along with executive producer/showrunner Henri Hebert and former ABC executive, Lillian Lim while filming the docu-series for Lifetime “The Jacksons: Next Generation”. Taj, Taryll and TJ were born into the famous musical Jackson family. The brothers inherited their talent from their father Tito, but it was their mother Dee Dee who instilled in them the discipline to hone their craft. She was their best friend and their hero, a role model who tirelessly donated her time and resources to a number of charitable causes.

Tragically, Dee Dee was murdered when they were still teenagers and young adults. Fast forward 20 years later, while filming a TV show about their lives, the brothers were ready to come to terms with their mother’s passing. To honor their mother’s spirit of positivity, selflessness and grace, they are now dedicated to building a meaningful and lasting pathway to giving back through the foundation — continuing to make their mother proud.


The Foundation has taken a hands-on approach to develop music therapy programs for vulnerable young people. Working with Ronald M. Borazon who founded the internationally renowned Music Therapy Department at California State University, Northridge in 1984, the programs aim to reduce the psychological effects of trauma and provide participants emotional and cognitive resources for coping with their experiences.


Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in the community and a child’s life. To learn more you can go to their website: www.ddjf.org.


Sending you love, comfort and peace!



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