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International Grief Institute

International Grief Institute Webinar 11/06/17

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Grief Reiki® is excited to announce we have been chosen as an Expert Instructor for the newly formed International Grief Institute (IGI). IGI is a global platform working to bridge the gap between life, death, and grief. It offers corporate bereavement services, grief certification training, and personal enrichment opportunities.

The IGI village offers many healing opportunities. They have access to life’s most wonderful teachers who are willing to teach what they’ve lived and learned. Take steps toward your own healing and register for a webinar. Can’t attend the date? Sign up now and watch the recorded session at a time suitable to you.


Date:    Monday November 6

Time:    09:00 pm EDT

Length:    60 Minutes

Cost:    $27

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Born and built on the fundamentals of education, compassion and empowerment, co-founders Lynda Cheldelin Fell and Glen Lord formed IGI to bridge the gap between corporations, professionals and individuals during personal crisis. Believing in the power of collaboration and partnership, the duo designed IGI as a village of unity to promote help, healing and hope around the world.

Mission:  To improve strategic corporate responses to employee crisis, and offer professional development and personal enrichment opportunities that promote healing and hope for everyone.

Vision: To bridge the gap between humanity and create a unified culture of help, healing and hope.


Sending you love, comfort and peace!


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