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Postpartum Grief

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Postpartum and grief are likely two words you never expected to see together. After all, the birth of a child is expected to be a wonderful event that brings joy and excitement to a family. We often think of it as something that has been anticipated for months and has involved a great deal of planning in terms of what must be done to create a safe and comfortable home environment for this new child.

All the many changes that occur with the birth of a child are exactly why there may be elements of grief that surface. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to any change we experience in life. Few things in life bring on larger changes than having a child. Suddenly, every decision that’s made involves considering how it will impact your child. You can’t even make a simple trip to the store without gathering all the things that are necessary to take a newborn anywhere. Where before you might have gone out for a “night on the town” at a moment’s notice, now this must be well planned in advance to ensure that child care has been arranged. Everything in your daily life is impacted, which can lead to that emotion called grief.


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