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Grief Diaries: Hello From Heaven

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Released on July 12 2016, Grief Reiki® is a proud contributor to Grief Diaries: Hello From Heaven.

Fascinating true stories about after-death communication and the power of love. Grief Diaries creator Lynda Cheldelin Fell dreamed of her daughter’s death two years before it happened. When the nightmare came true in 2009, she watched her deceased grandmother guide her daughter safely to heaven. Despite the shock of her tragic loss, Lynda’s experience brought tremendous comfort to her broken heart.

But her incident is far from unique. Bonnie’s deceased father smiled and winked at her before disappearing behind a building. Mary saw her deceased mother’s eyes in the face of a stranger. The morning after Sharon released a single balloon in memory of her former fiancé, she woke to a voice in her ear saying, “I got my balloon.” Christine’s dead in-laws appeared in her bedroom, and stayed for an hour.

Part of the Grief Diaries series exploring life experiences, Grief Diaries: Hello From Heaven features true stories about the natural phenomena known as after-death communication. Narrated by writers from all walks of life, each story offers a fascinating glimpse into the possibility that there is more to life . . . and death . . . than meets the eye.


“A GEM … In Grief Diaries, the stories are not only moving but often provide a rich background for anyone to find a gem of insight that can be used in coping with loss. Reread each story with pen in hand and you will find many that are just right for you.” – DR. LOUIS LaGRAND, LOVE LIVES ON

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Sending you love, comfort and peace!



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