Now Available – How To Heal Yourself When You Are Grieving Course

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How To Heal Yourself Course

Now Available – How To Heal Yourself When You Are Grieving Course

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The Grief Reiki® Academy is excited to announce the release of our online course, How To Heal Yourself While Grieving. For a limited time, you can now take Part One – The Basics of this course for FREE.



Have you wondered how to move forward after a loss when your mind, body and soul feel broken? Emotionally, you may feel like your mind is in a fog. Physically, you may feel completely disassociated from your body or like your heart is broken and battered. Spiritually you may be questioning everything you thought you knew about life. In this course, students learn to use various techniques, including Reiki, to heal themselves specifically while they are grieving.

The course is broken into four parts. Part One – The Basics discusses the fundamental concepts associated with both grief and the Japanese healing art of Reiki.



You will have access to the following:

– Course Outline

Course Introduction (includes Course Curriculum Handout)

Course Approach

Opening Meditation 

– Part One – The Basics


Module 1 – Grief and Loss (3 Lessons, Handouts and 2 Activities)

Module 2 – Reiki (3 Lessons, Handouts and 2 Activities)

Module 3 – Reiki and Grief (3 Lessons, Handouts and 2 Activities)


Knowing how hard it is to concentrate while you are grieving, the lessons are short and the corresponding activities are simple to do. You don’t have to know anything about grief and loss, Reiki, energy medicine, meditation, or any other areas to take this course. Each topic is covered in terms that are easy-to-understand.



If you are interested in taking Part One of this course, here is a LINK to more information.


Sending you love, comfort and peace!


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