Holiday Coupons for Grievers

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Holiday Coupons for Grievers


In our last blog post we provided a few Holiday gift recommendations for a griever. In this post, we are offering something  more personal – Holiday Coupons.  Each one offers a simple act of kindness you can personally do for a griever. Even the simplest of gestures can make all the difference in the world. Here are some coupon ideas to give to someone who has experienced a loss.

I’ll Do Your Grocery Shopping

I’ll Sit With You While You Cry

I’ll Watch Your Kids For A Day

I’ll Treat You To A Pedicure Or Manicure

I’ll Clean Your Kitchen

I’ll Do Your Laundry

I’ll Bring Over A Home-Cooked Meal

I’ll Clean Your House

I’ll Help You With Paperwork

I’ll Help You Go Through Your Loved Ones Things


Sending you love, comfort and peace!


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