Grief Reiki Returns to Coming Back Podcast

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Coming Back Podcast

Grief Reiki Returns to Coming Back Podcast

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I am extremely honored to return for a second time on the Coming Back Podcast Episode #55 hosted by fellow Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Intuitive Grief Guide, Shelby Forsythia. In her podcast, Shelby explores the ideas, resources, and stories that help us “come back” to life after death, divorce, illness and more.

On the show I spoke about my logical mind, one that made me skeptical of energy work and healing when it crossed my path in the aftermath of two devastating losses by suicide. Here is a direct link to Episode #55.


In this episode, I spoke with Shelby about what Reiki is and how it can help a grieving heart, how I am bringing Reiki on the 2019 Bereavement Cruise, and what skeptics can do to open themselves up to alternative practices like Reiki.

Also on the show, Shelby shares her private Spotify playlist for writing, meditation, and grief.

Here is a link to my first interview with Shelby on Episode #6. Listen Now

The Coming Back Podcast podcast can be found on many different podcasting platforms such as: iTunes, Stitcher Radio, GooglePlay Music and Tunein.

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Sending you love, comfort and peace!


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