The Grief Recovery Hour Radio Interview

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The Grief Recovery Radio Hour

The Grief Recovery Hour Radio Interview

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On the June 13th episode of The Grief Recovery Hour with Sharon Brubaker, Sharon was joined in the KHTS Radio studio by fellow Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Sharon Ehlers, from Grief Reiki.

Tune in to hear more on Sharon Ehlers’ own losses that led her to seek out different methods of healing. The two Sharons also talk about suicide and the loss of their Dads on this episode of the popular Radio Show.


As soon as I completed The Grief Recovery Method®, I knew that my lifelong mission would be to learn everything I could about grief, and make it my life’s work to help others heal from their broken hearts.

I am truly honored to walk through the journey of grief recovery with my clients. At A time to grief, I work with clients to help them understand that unresolved grief is almost always associated with wishing things were better, different or more and that it can have to do with any unfulfilled hopes, dreams and expectations.

I am not only a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist—I am a griever. I teach in my program that grief is a normal and natural reaction to a loss of any kind. Yet, we were never taught how to grieve. Sadly, most of the information we are given immediately following a loss from family or friends is incorrect. It does little or nothing to help us feel better or to begin the healing process. So, we continue to search and search.


KHTS is an AM 1220/FM 98.1 radio station in Santa Clarita, California, about 30 miles north of Los Angeles. It is a full-service station combining news, traffic, sports, and adult contemporary hits by artists such as Elton John, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart and Whitney Houston.



Sending you love, comfort and peace!


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