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Grief Dreams Podcast

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I am extremely honored to be featured on the Grief Dreams Podcast Episode #32 hosted by Shawn Ram and Jade Black.

On the show I spoke about my journey into Grief Reiki, my multiple losses (my best friend, former fiancé, and most recently my Dad), and the grief dreams I have had of them. Here is a direct link to Episode #32.

Grief Dreams Podcast


Grief Dreams can be referred to by many names: bereavement dreams, dreams after loss, dreams of the deceased, visitation dreams, etc. Whichever name you prefer, these dreams occur after the death of someone (human or animal). Joshua Black has been researching grief dreams, with a special focus on dreams of the deceased, as part of his PhD program (Psychology) at Brock University in Canada. He has published scientific literature in this area and for the last 7 years provided one-on-one and group support to the bereaved. He continues to spread knowledge about this area through talks and workshops (to the bereaved and those who work with them).


Joshua has complied an extensive list of research related to grief dreams on his website.


The Grief Dream podcast can be found on many different podcasting platforms such as iTunes,, Stitcher, Overcast, etc.

iTunes and Other Podcasting Platforms – search for “Grief Dreams Podcast”

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Sending you love, comfort and peace!


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