Grief Diaries: How To Help The Newly Bereaved

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How To Help The Newly Bereaved

Grief Diaries: How To Help The Newly Bereaved

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Released in April 2016, Grief Reiki® is a proud contributor to Grief Diaries: How to Help the Newly Bereaved

When someone loses a loved one, what do you say? What can you do? How to Help the Newly Bereaved is a powerful guidebook of suggestions and tips by 22 experts, the bereaved themselves, who share the support they found most and least helpful when they faced their own loss. Chock full of thoughtful insight and wise advice, How to Help the Newly Bereaved offers straight talk to increase your confidence and comfort around the bereaved and arm you with a toolbox of forget-me-nots and insight as you support someone during the most difficult time in their life.

Every day those of us who work in the bereavement field hear, “Neighbor Betty lost a loved one. What can I do? What do I say?” Those two questions seem so simple, but the answers are very complex. And here is why: losing a loved one is a heartbreak unlike any other experience. There is no guidebook, there are no roadmaps. And to further complicate matters, no two losses are the same. Which makes it a very difficult language to teach on any level.

A universal experience as old as mankind, the journey remains a great mystery to those who haven’t yet walked in our shoes. In a day when technology is rapidly changing, you would think we would be better prepared. But we’re not. It remains uncomfortable to discuss death and loss in many cultures. People of all ages fear their own mortality. Which leaves them ill equipped to help someone else.

Until now. How to Help the Newly Bereaved is a guidebook on how to help the newly bereaved. But because every loss is as unique as one’s fingerprint, this book is created using the perspectives of twenty-two individuals who have been down that road. Who better to tell youwhat to do, what to say, than the experts themselves? Besides offering suggestions, we help you understand our journey. Why do we cry one minute and laugh the next? What brings us comfort? What do we fear?


“BRILLIANT . . . How to Help the Newly Bereaved is a critically important collection of tips and suggestions written by the best of experts, the bereaved themselves. Who better to instruct family and friends on how to be helpful in the aftermath? Just brilliant.” -MARY LEE ROBINSON, Certified Grief Coach, Author, and Founder of Set an Extra Plate initiative

“An Excellent And Much Needed Book With Great Advice….This is not only excellent advice for how to help the newly bereaved, it also indirectly helps people know what to expect in the future when they are the ones who are bereaved. I sure wish this book had been available when my youngest sister died in 2012. It would have helped immensely. I also wish that everyone who said something that upset the other members of the online support groups that I am in would have had this book as well. As maybe some of that upset could have been avoided. I cannot possibly convey how much this book is needed!” -AMAZON REVIEWER

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